The magazine starts in 1979, at Florence, it is an annual publication by “Laboratory of Quaternary Ecology” and “Italian Group for Quaternary Researches”.

The purpose of the magazine is the publication of works not only by specialists (investigation results, methodologies, test techniques), but also, above all, by young researchers, according to the dates of delivery of works.

The magazine is directed at both specialists and in a broad public interested to the proposed themes: for this reason in writing of the works I preferred to use, as far as possible, a less technical terminology.

However the works can be drawn in the language chosen by the Author.

The subjects covered by the magazine are the Man interdependence with the past or present environment: Natural, Prehistoric, Palaeolontological, Anthropological, Archaeozoological Science fields.

The magazine circulation is mostly in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Basque Lands, Jordan, USA; is sent as an exchange or gift to Italian and Foreign Cultural Organizations (Museums, Universities, Superintendencies,  CNR, Libraries, Ministries, Private and Public Institutions).

The publication of the magazine without interruption is now at the n° 33.


-The order of precedence according to delivery of the works

-The expiry date of delivery of works: 15 December each year

-The Author has to subscribe to the magazine at least form one year

-The Author which published has to subscribe permanently

-The text has to be in Microsoft Word; photos, drawings, and tables (JPG format)

-Pictures (in colour or in black/white)

               Width 14 cm, Length 18 cm (or multiples)

               Width 14 cm, Length < 18 cm 

               Width 6,7 cm, Length < 18 cm

-For possible cover photo: a colour photo (selection from editorial staff)

-Bibligraphy: VERDI M., ROSSI L., 2009: Rome during the Renaissance. Ed. XXX. Rome

-For the “Attività e Comunicazioni” required a concise style, one or two pictures are possible.

-To the Authors are granted, for a same work, 20 abstracts

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